A scalable solution to help improve education using existing resources.

What Is TILT?

TILT is currently an idea about improving the state of education through a scalable solution that does not require a significant increase in spending to accomplish.

The Idea

The ideas behind TILT are based around a simple change: students as student-teachers.

It's not a new idea, but we feel that it is an idea that could be leveraged today more than ever and implemented more successfully with the help of modern technology.

TILT turns the student population in to an army of teachers, with older students teaching younger students (e.g. three 5th graders teaching nine 4th graders), and younger students teaching even younger students (e.g. three 4th graders teaching nine 3rd graders).

This simple concept provides a number of benefits that have the potential to change the dynamics of how we think about education and the value that the students receive from their education.